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Hola from Barcelona, Spain | Travel Journey

Hola from Barcelona, Spain

The music is loud and the people are spread out in every corner of the room as I’m writing this. I’m sitting at my favourite coffee shops here in Barcelona, El Petit Princep.

My name is Adrian and I’ve been travelling around visiting beautiful places all around the world for about three years now. I’m very grateful for having the possibility to wake up at new places every week.

A couple of days ago I touched down here in Barcelona for the third time in my life. This city is amazing with it’s old church, La Sagrada Familia and the Picasso Museum but also with it’s stunning nightlife and the fantastic beach. In history, Catalonia which is the region where Barcelona is capital, have many times been trying to break up from Spain to become an autonomous community but still haven’t succeeded. Although they have their own flag and language.

As I’m going from place to place it’s important for me to protect my macbook from getting damaged. Therefore I use the Kosi sleeve from my amigos at Leptal. It’s not only helping me protect my computer from getting sandy and damaged, it also looks really neat.

If you are in Barcelona on vacation you must go to Accés and there you have to try the dish Ibérico pork. It might be a bit expensive but I promise you, it’s totally worth it.

Another cool thing to do if you’re interested in football is to get tickets to Camp Nou and watch a game with FC Barcelona. Just imagine the noise of a crowd of 100,000 people cheering for their team out on the field.



About Leptal:

We are Leptal love journeys with the mission of exploring new things and sights. Julia is one of many travellers exploring the world in his everyday life with help from our felt cases. This blog, The Travel Journey, takes you as a reader around the world with together with our ambassadors.

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