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Hola from Mallorca, Spain | Travel Journey

Hola from Mallorca, Spain

I’m a good friend of Philip Curry, the founder of Leptal, since many years back. My name is Edvin Hellsing and I’m student at Uppsala University, Sweden, just like Philip. When I’m not studying, I’m working as a Web Designer and Photographer, which often comes with a life full of travels, currently I’m in Mallorca, Spain. This is my second time here, and it’s truly an amazing place. It’s definitely great to head down here when the swedish fall is around the corner and the days becomes shorter for every week. So this place is perfect to soak up some sunlight and get inspired by the lovely spanish people and drink lots of coffee.

I stayed in Illetas, a little city known to be a bit calmer and more of a place to relax than Palma de Mallorca, which is just a 20 minutes bus ride away. That’s perfect for me since I like it peaceful and aren’t that into partying. There aren’t too many activities to do when you’re here, if not interested in good food and nice beaches, but as the a bit adventurous person I am, I managed to find some cool things to see anyway. If you’re into running, you can easily get great views from all the mountains around here. There’s several mountains that are more than 1000 meters over sea which provides you with stunning views of the spanish landscape.

One of the a bit more classic things I can recommend is to take a bus (or rent a car) to the other side of the island and visit the caves of Hams which is three very unique and breathtaking caves. The caves are 10 million years old but they was found first in 1905. In the Classic cave there are an underground lake which is really beautiful. The caves is one of the most popular tourist attractions on Mallorca so my tip is to be there early in the morning to avoid all tourists.

Otherwise I just tried to enjoy the sun and the white sanded beach and of course eat some really good tasting food. So, where do you go when hungry here? Well, that depends on what kind of food you enjoy, but I’ll tell you some of the places I have visited the last days. Of course, I snapped some pictures as I carry my camera in my backpack pretty much wherever I go when traveling. When I first arrive, I had a table booked on Purobeach in Illetas. The food was great, the people there were really nice and the ocean view was certainly amazing. Funny thing is that all the staff working in white clothes, except for the DJ as you can see. If you’re into drinks and enjoy a calm night by the ocean with some lounge music, this is a pretty great place to visit.

One other night, I visited Restaurante El Náutico in the harbor of Palma. I took a cab there since it’s not even close to as expensive as it is to go by cab in Sweden. El Náutico is kind of a different type of restaurant than Purobeach. This is a calm place with the sound of silence, just as I like it. This is a place to just sit back and enjoy all the breathtaking boats in the harbor and watch the sun go down over Palma. The big glasses makes it feel like you’re sitting outside, in the middle of the harbor. They serve traditional spanish tapas food which tasted great. Even though it’s a calm place, you have to eat pretty fast to keep up with all new dishes that arrives to the table like every 10 minutes.

One of the last nights, I had the amazing opportunity to visit Abaco Bar in Palma outside their official opening hours which gave me the possibility to photograph (that’s usually not allowed). It’s a bar in the middle of all lanes just next to the Harbor and all the palm trees. As you can see in the pictures, this is a stunning place. The staff was lovely, they told me that the drinks had made me look handsome ha-ha, and the drinks were next level. They literally use all the fruits you can see on the floor to mix your drinks. Just a little heads up, this is only a place to stop for drinks, they don’t serve food here. After an hour or two, I took a long walk through the city to a little restaurant called Azabache, far away from most of the tourists. It was a friend of mine that had heard of it, and booked a table. I had never found this place if it wasn’t for him. That was a truly Spanish place with I guess no tourists except for me and my friends. Just like El Náutico, they serve traditional tapas food. We had a table out in their glass terrace which was really cool as it was a big tree in the middle of the floor and when it started to rain, the whole floor got wet as the roof wasn’t really waterproof around the tree. The food was typically spanish and the staff charmingly enough didn’t speak a single word of english. As in all restaurants here, order an espresso after the dinner, not a big cup of black coffee like you commonly do in some other countries.

That was pretty much all i had to say for this time. Now it’s time for me to head back to Sweden to write an exam. One last thing, if you’re a morning person like me, set the alarm clock early and watch the sun come up in the horizon. If you’re lucky, there’s some sail boats out in the ocean which makes the sunset even more beautiful. Well then, hope you got some good advice for your next trip there, and enjoyed at least some of the pictures. Have a great evening!

/Edvin, Leptal Ambassador

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