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These general conditions apply to you as a consumer places an order through Agreements entered into between you and Leptal. For detailed contact information and other information about Leptal shown on the website. The conditions are only applicable for you as a consumer and that place orders through the website.

To order on the website, you must be 18 years old. Leptal accept, under Swedish law, is not displayed to people under 18 years. Leptal reserves the right in individual cases to deny or change your order (for example, if you declared false personal information and / or have poor credit).

The website, and all contents on this, is owned by Leptal. The information is protected by including intellectual property and market laws. This means that trademarks, trade names, product names, images, graphics, design, layout and information about products, services and other content may not be copied or used without written approval from Leptal.



To make a purchase via the website, you must read the Terms and conditions. By accepting the terms and conditions you agree to follow the terms and conditions in its entirety, and agree that you have read the information on personal data and consent to the use of personal information and cookies according Leptals Privacy Policy.

A purchase agreement is concluded only when Leptal confirmed your order and you received the order confirmation from Leptal by e-mail. Leptal prompts you to save the order confirmation until you receive the goods. You may cancel your order until it has been confirmed by Leptal. If the order is revoked, then Leptal to refund any payments that you or your debit or credit card companies have made regarding the order.



Leptal recommend that you create a user account before you shop on the site. When you register your user account and / or to carry out an order, you will be asked to provide certain personal information. You acknowledge that the information you have provided is accurate and complete, and is responsible for incorrectly completed tasks. Information about Leptals processing of personal data contained in Leptals privacy policy.

You undertake to ensure that no one else can use your login details. You may not reveal your password to any unauthorized person and shall ensure that the document setting out the username and password stored in such a way that no unauthorized person has access to the information. You shall immediately notify the Leptal if it is suspected that unauthorized person has access to your password. You are responsible for all purchases made with your login information if such notification has not been made.

If Leptal suspect that you are abusing your user account or your credentials, or otherwise violates the conditions have Leptal right to exclude you. Leptal also has the right to assign your new credentials.



When ordering through the website for the prices listed on the website. Prices are quoted in Swedish kronor and are including VAT. Prices do not include payment and shipping charges, which are listed separately.

You can pay in the manner specified on the website. Learn more about our payment options on the website. (LINK) Leptal have the right to charge already in connection with the order unless the bill payment or other similar payment method selected by you and approved by Leptal. For bill payment or partial payment may Leptal come to do a credit check. You will in such cases be informed about it. Leptal reserves the right to not always offer all payment methods, or change the payment method if you have chosen for some reason is not working at the time of purchase.



Leptal may from time to time offer promotions on the site that may have more favorable terms than what is stated in these Terms, such regarding payment or prolonged withdrawal. These more favorable conditions apply as long as the campaign is active and for the specific goods specified by Leptal in connection with the campaign. Leptal reserves the right at any time revoke such campaigns. Upon termination or revocation of a campaign for these conditions without modification. Deals on specific items on the website for a limited time and while supplies last.



Goods are normally delivered within the number of days specified on the website starting from the leptal writing confirmed the order through order confirmation.

The expected time of delivery of the goods shown in the order confirmation, in cash and / or in the current commodity page on the website. Unless otherwise specifically agreed and the delivery takes more than 30 days, and this does not depend on you as a customer, you are entitled to cancel the purchase.

If the package you want to solve, you should do so within the time specified in the notification. Packages should normally be picked up in person with valid ID and order number. You always get a notification that shows where and when packets are retrieved. Notification can be made via email.



When buying goods on our website applies the right of withdrawal in accordance with applicable consumer protection legislation until you have received written confirmation of your order. This means that you have the right to cancel your purchase by notifying Leptal within 24 hours from the time you placed an order. This is because the cases are personal and are created along your demand.

If you want to cancel the purchase, you should, within 24 hours from the order placed, send a clear message to Leptal containing information about the order. You must provide your name, address and other relevant information, such as order number, invoice number and the name of the item in the message. If you do not want to use the above options in the message, you can use the standard form for the exercise of withdrawal rights Consumer Agency developed (see

Sometimes Leptal offer free return for certain goods. If free return terms, it appears from the actual product page on the website.

When you regret your purchase Leptal pay back the amount you paid for the item, including shipping costs. Exceptions apply to any additional delivery costs as a result of that you have chosen any delivery other than the standard delivery Leptal offers. extent than what is necessary to determine its properties or function.



Leptals goods covered by the warranty. Information about any warranty and special warranty conditions for the respective be found on the website or in these conditions. Guarantee of goods covers only original manufacturing defects, and thus are not errors that occur during or after an altercation of the functionality and appearance, such as rebuilding, upgrading or configuring the product. Your order confirmation is valid as proof of guarantee.


The warranty covers goods that are incorrect according to applicable consumer protection legislation. Customers wishing to assert errors in ordered to contact Leptal as soon as possible after the error was detected via the contact information listed on the website. Complaints made within one month from the time you discovered the defect is always considered to have been the right time.

You, the customer pays for return shipping at the approved claims.

When the claimed to be returned and the claim is approved, Leptal to compensate you in accordance with applicable consumer protection legislation. Leptal strive for this to happen within 30 days from the receipt of the complaint Leptal, but it may take longer depending on the nature of the goods. Leptal reserves the right to deny a claim if it proves that the product is not incorrect under current consumer protection legislation. For complaints Leptal follow guidelines from the Consumer Complaints Board, see More information is available at



Leptal reserves the right to modify these Terms at any time. Any changes to these Terms will be posted on the website. Changes apply from the time you have accepted the Terms (in conjunction with a new purchase or visiting the website), or 30 days after Leptal has informed you about the changes. Leptal recommend that you keep yourself updated on the website regularly to be aware of any changes to the Terms.



If the competent court, authority or arbitral tribunal finds that any provision of these Terms is invalid or unenforceable, the provision in question and all other provisions to be valid and enforceable to the extent permitted by applicable law. The provisions declared invalid or unenforceable will be replaced by the relevant legal guidance and advice.



Disputes shall primarily be resolved by consensus after discussion with Leptal.

If the dispute is not resolved in agreement with Leptal, our customers can turn to ARN (Board for Consumer Complaints) which you will find more information about the You can also complain directly online via the European Commission’s platform for mediation in disputes, which can be found via the following link If you leave a complaint through this platform, forwarded your case automatically to the correct national responsible Dispute Settlement Body. The DSB then get in touch with us and try to resolve the dispute without involving the courts.

In any dispute Leptal follows the decision by the ARN or the Dispute Settlement Body.

Disputes concerning the interpretation or application of these Terms shall be construed in accordance with Swedish law and determined under paragraph 13.2 above, or ultimately by the courts.


These Terms and Conditions updated by Leptal 2017-01-01

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