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The Felt Material

Buttons, zipper or and open case? The choice of what design you wish to have is your’s but our material will always be the same.

The Leptal cases are made out of 5 mm thick felt material and ideal for your electronic devices and documents. Every single product handcrafted to perfection from high quality felt. We can guarantee you a great protection of your unit during handling from place to place.


The History Behind the Felt

The felt is known to be one of the oldest textiles. Many cultures have legends as to the origins of felt making. Sumerian legend claims that the secret of feltmaking was discovered by Urnamman of Lagash. The story of Saint Clement and Saint Christopher relates that while fleeing from persecution, the men packed their sandals with wool to prevent blisters. At the end of their journey, the movement and sweat had turned the wool into felt socks.

Feltmaking is still practised by nomadic peoples in Central Asia, where rugs, tents and clothing are regularly made. Some of these are traditional items, such as the classic yurt, while others are designed for the tourist market, such as decorated slippers. In the Western world, felt is widely used as a medium for expression in both textile art and contemporary art and design, where it has significance as an ecologically responsible textile and building material.

The felt material is a renewable resource, sustainable and also environmentally friendly. A natural product that requires a very little environmental impact processing, compared to other natural fibers or man-made fibers. Felt has a life cycle that is substantially longer than other upholstery material. And since felt is made of sheep’s wool and viscous staple fibers, this means that after the felt product has been used or become worn out, it can be safely disposed of as it is 100% biodegradable. Something that was important to us in the decision of material. 

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